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36 Showcase mix

You’ve had the pleasure of 36’s isolatedmix, he’s been featured in the best of 2010, and hopefully by now you’ve managed to purchase some of his very collectible vinyl albums. If you’ve been reading ASIP religiously these past few months, you have no excuse for not diving in to Dennis Huddleston’s intense, melodic and warm ambient textures, but should you stumble across 36 for the very first time, then what better introduction than a showcase mix by the man himself. Featureing the new and upcoming ‘Saphron’ along with some of the best tracks from Hollow, Hypersona, Memories In Widescreen and the rare tape series releases, if you come away from the below without investing in some 36 music, you need your ears checking!

You can purchase all of the tracks below from 3six.net and follow Dennis on Facebook and Twitter for regular news and updates.


Tracklist: (all tracks by 36)
01. “Signal” (Hypersona, 2009)
02. “Transmission” (Tape Series Red, 2010)
03. “Before Time” (Memories In Widescreen, 2010)
04. “Beacon” (Hypersona, 2009)
05. “Find Me” (Hollow, 2010)
06. “Inside” (Hypersona, 2009)
07. “Intercept” (Hypersona, 2009)
08. “Ghostfields (Midnight Mix)” (Tape Series Blue, 2010)
09. “Geiga” (Hollow, 2010)
10. “The Mirror” (Memories In Widescreen, 2010)
11. “End Credits” (Tape Series Red, 2010)
12. “After Time” (Memories In Widescreen, 2010)
13. “Dream Window” (Hypersona, 2009)
14. “The Box (Closed Mix)” (Tape Series Blue, 2010)
15. “The Box (Part 2)” (Hypersona, 2009)
16. “Darkroom Distortion” (Hollow, 2010)
17. “Equassa” (Hollow, 2010)
18. “Saphron” (3SIXSEVEN001, 2011)
19. “Forever” (Hypersona, 2009)
20. “Revert Time” (Memories In Widescreen, 2010)

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